About Manassarovar

‘MANAS SAROVAR’ is a destination resort with the unique concept of privately owned Hill Station at an unbelievably beautiful location. At an altitude about 2750 ft., it is situated in the beautiful ranges of Sahyadri, overlooking the lake Bhatghar, surrounded by several historical places & scenic spots.

It is only an hour enjoyable drive from Pune. Here, at ‘MANAS SAROVAR’, several enjoyment & recreational facilities are being made available along with lifestyle amenities and verity of accommodations that too in 100% pollution free environment.

Here are some lifetime opportunities for you and your family to participate or be a proud property owner. You can own a Row House, or paint your life time dream in the form of a bungalow at Manas Sarovar.

Life will be a celebration with the packages of enjoyment & assured returns  would walk hand in hand. Your second home today at ‘MANAS SAROVAR’ will be a enviable pride in coming tomorrow, a precious estate for generations to come.

  • Safe & Secured.(entry restricted for only members & guest registered)
  • Trendy Amenities are operational within natural atmosphere.
  • Picturesque view of Bhatghar back waters and hills.
  • Association with like minded people in form of members.
  • Emerging star in global market of tourism.
  • Other tourism places of interests close by.
  • Variety of choices of Recreational opportunities.
  • Various opportunities to contribute and collaborate.
  • Combination of nature with modern lifestyle amenities is true luxury.
  • Basic Infrastructure is ready and further being developed.
  • Various opportunities to pursue individual’s hobbies.
  • Various places of interest in the vicinity.
  • Variety of choices in terms of selection of the product.
  • Basic infrastructure is available like road,water, electricity & security