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Health Farms
The Health Farm should be located in an area, which is free from pollution and noise, and have a generally salubrious and health-promoting environment. There should be at least 20 lettable rooms with attached bathrooms. It should have at least six of the following facilities. i. Health Club ii. Gymnasium iii. Yoga/Meditation Area iv. Outdoor Exercise Areas v. Indoor Games vi. Outdoor Games vii. Swimming Pool viii. Classroom ix. Jogging Tracks x. Horse Riding facility It should include a farm to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains (admeasuring at least 500 sq.mtrs.) It should be located on a plot admeasuring at least 5000 sq.mtrs. It should have medical, paramedical personnel, alternative system of Medicine, Health Specialist, Diet Specialist, and such other full time staff of at least two persons.