Its a need of time that we should spend more time togetherly on the lap of nature.But its difficult due to our busy schedule isn't it?

Enriching life dose not mean to be rich alone, but a perfect harmony between health and satisfaction. staying fit and content, are the biggest challenges.

We crave to be creative and all our hobbies are left at toss with happiness. Wish there could be a world where every one could speak out their mind and, liven be fearlessly. Where satisfaction could be drawn from work and creativity be the Qualification.

The movement has begun, called “MANAS SAROVAR”.To avail life time satisfaction, achieve heavenly pleasures and worldly possibilities, an endeavor has begun.Several like minded, like you and me, are putting their efforts at “MANAS SAROVAR”.

Together we,Share the same desire,To achieve,Destination to destiny, Life in the living, Rejoice amongst the pleasures, Satisfaction amongst the comforts,

Creativity in the mundane monotony, Change in outine,Together we, shall discover,a new world, Where desire meets destiny .

Together we,Shall witness,” A dream come true”, Rising a destination, On the canvas of nature, Together we, Shall bring heaven on earth,